About The Beyond 6 Class

The Beyond 6 class, The Inner Worlds’ Secrets by Channie West is a different kind of class. It is true that a person needs to have studied Beyond 1-5 to take Beyond 6. But it is different from the others in many ways that are not easy to explain. Maybe it is because the course, I would say, goes into explanations of many things that are kind of inexplicable.

This course steps into an experience of revealing a complicated pattern that everything belongs in. Somehow everything is together in a beautiful, intricate, complex embrace, and sits together in a Pattern. This course is a huge step in the direction of pulling open the curtain that up until now has, kind of, hidden the actual pattern behind things.

In many courses there were things that were mentioned but not really talked about. So much was given that a person rarely even dared to try to look behind the curtain. There was enough to take in, of hitherto Hidden Things, to involve our hearts and minds and souls, with what was talked about. But there is always more…

In Beyond 6, many of the Secrets that maybe we didn’t even know to ask about, are invited into our awareness. Into our Love. And they make us stronger. This Knowledge is totally life changing because Higher Knowledge gives Insights which give Understanding which gives a Force. And the one who works with such a Force can continue to unveil more secrets.

I think this course is magnificent. I told Channie that. The topics are deep. The Beings revealed are ones we longed to know about, but didn’t know it. And the Meditations are Power Meditations which give us a handle on Forces that are Forever. They don’t disappear when we walk out of the class or open our eyes after a meditation. We can develop them.

Everything in this class is set to awaken us. Help us achieve Inner Peace that is lasting. Find out more about ourselves, as we learn more about Everything and Everyone. I would honestly say that our brains won’t be the same; they will be more activated. And our Hearts will not be the same, they will have expanded as well. The more you know, the more you can do and become.

I am extremely humbled and honored to be able to offer this class to others. To have become a Teacher of this class strengthens me and softens me in a new way.

If you are interested, please contact me. I will teach this class physically, by skype or by phone/distance. The cost for this class is $760 US. We are always changing, so we never stay the same. But after this class, that step of not being the same becomes very apparent. You can reach me at 650-729-3050. I have moved to Half Moon Bay, CA in the last few months and that is my new phone number. My email address is Ariiah@Wistancia.com. If you have questions about the course, I am happy to answer them.

May we all come one Step closer to……………..

With Love, Light and Truth,