The Sun Board

I am now working with the strongest Board of Knowledge, the Sun Board. Each Sign has meanings that have an enormous range. They give Possibilities and Opportunities that cannot be explained in words. They are beyond words. I consider working with this Board, one of the Holiest parts of my work on Earth. I love this with all of my heart, soul, and mind. I embrace it and honor it and will carry this Knowledge into every branch of Existence I live in or will grow into. I am more than grateful to be able to work with this.

While my education with The Sun Board is ongoing, I can now perform regular sessions of giving Holy Signs to others.

I can also perform a Big Opening and a very Powerful Upgrade. It reaches into the Inner of Inner of everyone. With this, we will grow enormously spiritually, in our own unique way.

I can also perform a Sun Board Initiation for everyone. This really opens us up for personal and spiritual growing. We will find ourselves and what is important for our life.

There is a Sun Board Water called Sun Board Water for Divine Harmony and Love. It can be used in all forms of liquids. It can be given to all forms of life, people, animals, nature, etc. It will make people more open in a new way of growing.