My Mentor: Channie West

A Step in the Right Direction: My Thank You to My Mentor, Channie

When a person knows the lay of the land and has walked in its steps, that person can then be a guide and lead others through the terrain. That leader knows when a mountain will appear and where a river would begin its flow. Wisdom and memory can lead to the sand and the sea and where the two join.

Channie West

In Spiritual terms, my mentor, Channie, is such a leader. Her wide panoramic view through Time opens through worlds, planes of existence, dimensions, universes, and Creations of Color. Her expertise reaches also beyond all of that, into a Reality behind the realities known in our Universe, far into what could be called The Beyond, where everyone and everything actually comes from. Her wide-angled view encompasses what I call The True Beginning.

On Earth there is a fairy tale that is popular in all lands, in different versions. A small boy and girl are afraid that they will lose their way in a forest. From the beginning, their home, they drop breadcrumbs along the way, so that they might find their way back again. This way they have something to remind them of where home is and something to follow, step by step by step, to move forward on the straightest path in the right direction. In following breadcrumbs strewn on the carpet of forest grasses, they will come full circle back to their home.

In Channie’s wisdom and understanding of The Game of Life, its beginning and its ending, within her training and teaching, of me and others, she also drops breadcrumbs onto a person’s path, offering hints, tips, clues, hidden keys and provocative suggestions to help us find our way to Truth, Love, and Total Enlightenment. So that a person can circle back to their own origin and the Origin of Life.

Breadcrumbs are like shimmering handfuls of Hope. Like shiny particles attached to Wishes, Truths, and Dreams. They awaken ideas, visions, and thoughts, and build in a structural foundation for a person that is like a game board, upon which to play the game of their life, and move forward. If there is a Game (and there is), there needs to be a game board holding it up and somewhere to follow so that there is a motion. With a motion there is no stagnation and there is evolving. There can be a movement to find the end of the Game and its success.

At this point in my life, where I stand and what I work with, it is hard to say even a “little about me” without acknowledging my mentor, my trainer, my teacher and best friend. I have been blessed to have known, studied and worked with Channie for some years now and she has opened me up and brought me into understandings and knowledges of many heights and depths. In reflection I can see this mentor provided breadcrumbs for me and everyone she came in contact with, through all the years.

How does she do it? She does it by the dot, dot, dot that silently forms at the end of sentences. She does it by the twinkle in her eye and the silvery tone of her voice. By words on her mouth that remain un-formed. She does it by leading a person in a book, in a meditation, in a lecture, in a conversation, in silence, and even in a mundane experience to a spot that at once feels familiar, eternal, and like a marker on the road to discovery. It is an arrow pointing to something else somewhere else, sometimes small and sometimes huge. It is like an opening in the road that changes the course of your life and you know it, even though you know you don’t really understand it yet. It feels like an indelible step in the right direction.

Sometimes it is a few words with seeming boundaries, but words so charged with mystery and potentiality that you know it is one of those special crumbs that, without satisfying the whole hunger right then and there, will lead you to the finest storehouse of the richest and most succulent food source. She does it by reminding us of possibilities. Of hinting how everything is connected. That there could be a sun somewhere else or a Light in a different way... By showing that, with trust, a small step taken leads to an environment with completely different scenery. Sometimes it is a feeling. Sometimes it is more like a code. Sometimes it is just a smile that evokes a distant memory, unreachable now but you know you are onto something important. It is like an Aha! standing alone, on its own. For now.

We are fortunate if someone enters our life, here on Earth, who understands what Time is, how it works and the consequences of timing. Who understands Energy and Force and the outcomes of using each. And we are really fortunate if we come upon knowledges that show us the origin of our planet, the destiny of our planet, and then trace back from the planet, to the galaxy, universe, Creation of Color and finally into The Beyond and its Deepest Start.

What if someone could know when and how, how much and why a breadcrumb should be softly laid in the grass? The greatest gift in this incarnation, for me, is that I have had the possibility to take steps in the direction of Higher Spirituality and Enlightenment. My life and its steps have become like a Game Board leading in a special direction. I was nourished with breadcrumbs since the day we met. Some of them I didn’t understand or recognize for years. There are so many that still fit into this category. But I know that by following breadcrumbs, they have formed together into some slices of bread, creating loaves. More than that, a loaf of bread formed on the Road to Enlightenment can later show itself as wheat in the fields. Even later, what can be noticed is an influence of sun and water that clearly caused the wheat to grow in the first place.

A true teacher and a true education can do powerful things.

I have made this thank you to Channie kind of long because with what I have been taught and given, I feel I hold something true in my hands and it is something that I can give to others. Perhaps there will be a Key one day that will open to a big Door that will lead me to a room in my own heart, where I might find a larger Gratitude. I love Spiritual Knowledge. As it grows within us, it strengthens our ability to feel full and thereby be thank full.

Happy Trails to Everyone,