The Completion of the Chakras

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The Crown Chakra and its Channel
is almost finished and wide open to take in a higher light. Its color shifts in bright white and pearl together, and a bright golden light behind like a Sun and its Force. The best stone is a Transparent White Sapphire (possibly with a light tone towards yellow, but not towards blue).
The upper Chakra of the forehead (by the hairline)
is nowadays open and can in a more apparent way help with the Third Eye’s further opening. Its white color shimmers, shifts and glitters like Water. It also has a very apparent shimmer of blue in it. The best stone is a Light Blue Aquamarine.
The Third Eye
is bigger than before and it carries a much more clear and obvious force. We are going to heal with the chakras of the Third Eye and the Hands in a triangle while pre-creating. Its color glows of strength and is clear light blue, like Air and Wind. The best stone is a Blue Topaz.
The Throat’s Total Chakra
is again big and filled with possibilities and creative energies. It adjusts itself for new languages and possibilities of expression, such as for example the vibration language. The color is a soft green, like Plants, Plant force and newly sprung-out leaves. The best stone is a Green Peridot.
The Thymus Total Chakra
is almost completed. It has found its balance now. Its light yellow color may be simple, but it carries its very own meaning. It stands for the Universe and far away stars. The best stone is a Gold Labradorite.
The Heart Chakra’s Whole
is now complete and shines clearly like the sun itself. The color is yellow with an apparent shimmer of gold. This chakra stands for Creational Force, but also other Divine Forces. The best stone is a Clear Yellow Sapphire.
The Solar Plexus’ Total Chakra
is and will always represent the strength within us and our courage. The color is clear golden yellow, like the metal gold. The best stone is a pure Gold Nugget.
The Stomach’s Total Chakra
is strong now, but not quite finished yet. It will carry the strength of emotion and the glow of the sensual feelings in the New Love* together with the Base Chakra. The color shimmers, sparkles and glows with a deep yellow orange towards light red like Fire. The best stone is a Carnelian or a Fire Opal. The final stone when the chakra is finished will be Fire Opal.
The Base’s Total Chakra
is new and not as strong. Its color is red, like blood. It stands for Blood and Living Beings and Matter. The best stone is a Wine Red or Light Red to Blood Red Ruby.
The Legs’ Total Chakras
are fully developed. Their color is golden and transparent together with patterns and veins, like Wood. The best stone is Rutilated Quartz with Gold Colored streaks in it. Put a stone between the legs.
The Feet’s Total Chakras
are almost completed. This chakra now awaits the development of the Stomach Chakra. The color is dark earth brown towards black like Soil. The best stone is an Apache Tear or Black Onyx. The final stone when the chakra is finished will be Black Onyx. Put a stone between the feet.
The Arms’ and The Hands’ Total Chakras
are the last ones to be completed. These chakras are going to help us to create matter. The color is pale, but still shimmers magically, like the Moon. It also stands for Antimatter, Time and Anti-time. The best stones are a White or a White-Gray Moonstone. One stone in each palm should be used with a layout of all the stones.
The Chakra Cord’s inner and outer
is the most powerful thing that we have within ourselves. It is connected to the whole well being of the Soul, the Spirit, and the Sunspark. The best stone is a Diamond. But not everyone has a Diamond or can afford to buy one. Then you can instead use and send in the symbol below. This symbol has the exact same frequency as the material Diamond.