Steps by Ariiah

Steps by Ariiah is available for purchase in the Light Store!

Steps by Ariiah is a poetic diary of how one Soul entered, by agreement, a body living on Earth. One took her leave and one took her welcome. When the host body lost its etheric particles and acquired new ones, a journey of Transformation occurred when the higher Soul was installed into the body.

The author, Ariiah, began using poems to cope with the tremendous Spiritual/physical/emotional and psychological challenges of the transfer, all the while retaining the former occupant’s memories. Poems became paper friends; hands to hold onto in the silence, giving comfort to the solitary passage with is highs and lows and constant adjustments to new brain chemistry and a new view of life. Documenting the shifts and changes became a way to come to grips with the Process.

Everyone and everything grows Spiritually by taking Steps of Enlightenment. These poems were like handrails accompanying some of the steps. One of the steps was becoming a Group Soul. These steps were recorded without the thought of writing a book, but this little book, a Soul’s personal journey into a new life in a different body and on Earth, became what it was meant to become. A poetic peek into an ascension at the Soul level. A completion of a promise written long ago, in Love.

Steps by Ariiah
Illustration by Erial Ali

Enlightenment is not something that happens with one step. It is a process. A good metaphor is a staircase. Steps of Enlightenment open up everything and everyone. No two paths could ever be the same. But they do lead in the same direction. Everyone and everything goes back into the same Eternal Prime energy; a Love that cannot be described.

I did an impossible thing. I changed staircases and became a totally different person. Wistancia took her leave and Ariiah took her welcome. My Soul was brought into this host body and placed on different Steps. It could never be easy to change Souls in the same body. This is the story of my journey. But it is more than that. We are all on a journey and we are all taking big steps now and they are going in the same direction. Today I am more gently slipping into my new garment of life. But even that is just another step.

At this time, everything and everyone is stepping towards their Deep Home. I decided to publish Steps to honor the process and the ones who assisted me. Maybe this little book can help someone with steps they are taking. Some are steep and some are easier. But nothing is impossible! I took a big Step and I am still taking Steps. We all are.

Steps by Ariiah is now available in the Light Store!.