My Poetry

Love Never Has to Say Its Name

BrieA’nah has eyes all over her
big and wide, holding forever
reformatting my heart
over and over and over.
i hold one silky paw and feel the Kingdom of Angels
i barely touch her back under the covers
feeling the Beyond and its open borders.

you can lightly put your wings around her
and feel her etheric eyes embracing you
eyes everywhere and to everything
but when she comes over to you and looks into you,
with not even an inch to spare
hold onto your heart!
she is entering your Soul’s zone
widening it
filling it with the True White and True Gold
of Beyond’s Angelic Paradise.
you are accepted
you are loved
there is no question but that she is there with and within you

while i am under construction
she is my safety
she holds my life in her paws
in every silky strand
she is my healer, my teacher
she has heard every word from my Soul
captured them,
loved them,
and told me all that matters.
love never has to say its name.

nothing but Love matters
not its promise taken away
not its landscape only glimpsed
not its beauty dotted with hope
Love is a jewel
unpolished by words or actions,
just an energy, a tone,
a frequency of the True Beginning
coming out of those eyes.