Board 5 Waters

Board 5 Water is the ultimate Water for everything.

The whole Board of Knowledge full Intelligence is behind every drop, in every way the drop will work. The Water seeks on every level and finds the possibility and the solution that lays way beyond everything that human minds and ideas can reach. And where we usually can seek our answers. Board of Knowledge 5 Water seeks and finds the answers somewhere else…

Board 5 Drops are blessing us into the True Light and the True Wisdom.

The Divine Love is embracing you and protecting you every day.

Put 5 drops from your little 1 oz bottle into things you drink in bigger bottles. It can be water, orange juice or whatever you want. But always put in 5 Drops.

Here are some of the Board 5 Waters

One water is called Love Water. Love Water can be used for All, Everything and Everyone. This is a very strong Love Water, given to us with Goodness, Love and Kindness from where the Boards of Knowledge come from. This water is very wonderful but not as strong as the other waters.

3 other fully complete Board 5 Waters

Listed below are 3 very special Board 5 Waters. There is a strongest, second strongest and least strongest. They can be purchased by themselves, in a small 1 oz bottle, or as a kit of three. They are called fully complete Board 5 Waters. All you need to do is pour 5 drops from your small bottle into a larger container of water, orange juice or whatever you want to use.

Here is how to work with these 3 Waters:

The Board 5 Water is perfect for you to put a drop on your Third Eye or Crown Chakra. You can also use it for the Heart chakra and also for other chakras and meridians. When you are dropping this on yourself or another person, you do that for Spirituality and Enlightenment.

Board 5 Water will take one forward to the highest and the finest potential in a human and for their lives in this Reality. By using Board 5 Water you can get also answers more easily from your Guides and Spiritual Leaders, Guardian Angels, Highest Selves, etc.

By dropping one drop on your Third Eye you can increase the contact with your Guides, help with Meditation on the Guides and healing with the Guides. So you can take a drop before you go to bed for nightly contact and dreams and nightly given visions from the Guides. The drops are like a tool. It can be used also on spiritual tools that we use in our daily life such as stones, precious gemstones, crystals, etc., to bring the highest and purest potential out of them for this reality. You can also put the drops on your healing hands, massage table, drum, tarot cards etc. You can use it for everything that has to do with tools for Spirituality.

These drops search to shape things into perfection, like it was before bad or strange or disturbing energies. Like disturbing leylines, earthlines, human related pollution, etc.

The drops make wonders outside of things and that means on the grounds and on the body. But it also makes a total different life for you on the inside when a person drinks the drops. They start to work on a cellular level, then on the atomic level, and finally it reaches the DNA level which it changes to a higher frequency. It searches after the whole body’s energy and aura energy, your Soul, Spirit, Sunspark and Sunstar level. Then our whole energy in the Universe as the unity of what we are in this Universe and in this Blue Creation we live in.

  1. Reality Water – the strongest of these 3.

    These Drops give us the right place in our Universe and Creation. That means that they search to make us perfectly fit in. This Water has to do with where all the Boards of Knowledge are coming from. Its original environment and ultimate possibilities there. The answers for everything are there.

  2. Ultimate Holy Board 5 Water – the second strongest of these 3. Is less strong.

    These Drops give you contact with the highest of the Holy and can strengthen your belief and insight in Holy Energies with a big H. It takes us beyond what we can call Holy here in this Universe, Creation and this Reality. We will, through the Board 5 Water Drops, become Holy touched beings. We light up with a new insight of things.

  3. Divinely Touched Board 5 Water - the least strong of these 3.

    Divinity exists in many ways in the universe. It is very touchable, feelable, because we have The Central Sun. You almost can touch and understand the Divinity in the Universe and this Blue Creation we live in. In The Beyond you can also feel Divinity; you can feel it also in The Before and The Beginning and The Prime. There are many kinds of different ways of Divinity and Divine energy. But nothing of this will ever be as the true Divinity behind what The Board of Knowledge represents. You use this Board 5 Water to be truly connected and touched by Divinity itself. These drops are perfect to drink every day. They are really smart to have.

    It gives us forgiveness, purifies our wrongs and faults we carry with us. It purifies that so that we can stand forward as beings and be what we were supposed to be, as people. We can really be what we were supposed to truly be. The meaning of life is in an unanswered question but this is the answer. This is giving you the answer of what to meaning of life is; the energy of the drops.

Super Advanced Board 5 Waters

There are also some Super Advanced Board 5 Waters. These are custom made and take much longer to work with and to program. They are sold only in a kit of 2 or a kit of 4. They need to be taken in a certain order and in a certain way. And there needs to be some space in-between cycles of taking these. Please contact Ariiah by phone or email to discuss which cycle is best for you before ordering. These are so strong that a person can only use 1 -3 Drops at a time, and animals should have only 1 Drop. You can just put the Drops into your mouth from the little bottle.

Cycle of 2 Waters:

  1. Water for Spiritual Success

    The Advanced Board 5 Waters can be used in all forms of liquid, and they can be given to all forms of life that are looking for Spiritual Success in their lives. With Spiritual Success means that the person will succeed with whatever they might work with or try within Spirituality.

  2. Water for Body and Soul, to Higher the Vibration

    The Advanced Board 5 Waters can be used in all forms of liquid, and they can be given to all forms of life that are seeking a Higher Vibration for their Body and Soul, and within their lives. When having a Higher Vibration in your Body and Soul you get a better health, physical and spiritual life. This goes hand in hand with Mother Earth who is now moving up in her frequency and vibration. With this Water we can lay one-step ahead and have no side effects in these times of change.

Cycle of 4 Waters:

  1. Water for Spiritual Success
  2. Water for Body and Soul, to Higher the Vibration
  3. Water for Integration of New and Higher Chakras

    The Advanced Board 5 Waters can be used in all forms of liquid, and they can be given to all forms of life that are seeking to Integrate Higher Chakras in the Body. It in itself means that we take down, and in new chakras, which make us get closer, deeper and have a purer contact with the Divine. You will have a whole new connection to the Central Sun and God. Also this goes hand in hand with Mother Earth that is now moving up in her frequency and vibration. The more integrated chakras you have the closer you get towards enlightenment and a true Master level. This is not Master Water.

  4. Master Water

    The Advanced Board 5 Waters can be used in all forms of liquid, and they can be given to all forms of life that are seeking to become Enlightened Masters in this lifetime.