About Board of Knowledge 5

by Channie West

Board 5 is very, very advanced. It is called The Holy Board. Board 5 is the ultimate of precisely Everything that exists. It is more than Divine and Higher than everyone and everything. It relates to all the levels and planes of Existence. It touches and awakens The Sunstar within us. (The Sunstar is a light that is taught about in The Beyond education and it is within us. Within the Soul is the Spirit and within the Spirit is the Sunspark and the Sunstar is within the Sunspark.) Board 5 has to do with Total and Full Enlightenment.

Board 5 is The Ultimate Board that relates to Everything, All and Everyone that exists on all levels, all planes of existence, and in all worlds. Board 5 relates to all existences and everything that exists, both physically and non-physically, psychologically and emotionally, etc.

Board 5 has no boundaries. It sees and understands all and everything, from life to death, prior to incarnation and after ascension and everything in between. Board 5 knows all the whys and is the key to Everything. Only Board 5 can gather together all of the Boards and create a unit of absolutely Everything,

All the Boards together contain Everything that exists, the whole way down through all that has been created and exists. It can be said that all Boards melt together and become one. That it is Everything and Everyone Everywhere. This Board of Knowledge strengthens, unifies, elevates and raises up everything.

With all regular sessions of The Board of Knowledge, I will now utilize all 5 Boards. Board 5 lifts up the other Boards.