Channeling with Board 4

Board 4 and its Holy Thoughts and Words gives a genuine, higher quality and truth into channeling. This is a new way of channeling and is specifically for Holy wisdom and higher thoughts. This is the first choice (1) below if you are interested in a channeling session with me. It should be limited to 1 main question or 5 smaller ones. Please submit these questions through email. They will not be done via telephone or recording.

Board 4 also can open and prepare you to perform channeling work. This is the second choice (2) below if you are interested in being opened up for channeling in a really good way. Although you will not be working with the Special Signs of The Board, the energies will be sent over to you to open you up for receiving Holy Wisdom and Thoughts.

Please call or email Ariiah if you have questions about this or want to talk about the subjects. Please keep them to a Spiritual nature. These are the two choices:

  1. Have a channeling session using Board of Knowledge 4, or
  2. Have Board 4 open you up to do channeling work yourself.